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Quelle bouteille de gaz pour quel réchaud ?

Stove and gas bottle on the HexaTrek.

Even if there are petrol or wood burning systems, the majority of hikers use gas stoves for their multi-day hikes. Estimating the amount of fuel needed for a long hike is not always easy and finding the right cartridge for your burner in France can sometimes be murderous!

Valve cartridge or threaded gas cylinder. 

Ah, if only we could do like the others, it would be far too simple! 

In France, since the time when the word bivouac was not yet added to the dictionary, this beautiful country decided that if there was an international system to connect a stove to a gas bottle,it would not be for us. 

After inventing the French fries and the French kiss, we came up with the French gas bottle with Easy Clic valve! 

Generally blue in colour, in honour of the flag, of the camping gas brand, it is THE bottle that you will find everywhere in France. Supermarkets, grocery shops, sports shops, sometimes even petrol stations, it is the most common bottle in the country and it is the one you will need to use most often during your trip on the HexaTrek. 

However, the CampinGaz system is not the same as that of traditional stoves such as "Bruleurs, MSR, Jet Boil, Optimus...

On the other hand, screw-in cylinders such as Primus, Msr... are difficult to find, especially outside the big cities.