Parc Régional du Vercors

Hiking in the Vercors Regional Park

A real UFO of the HexaTrek, the Mont Aiguille stands like a statue in the middle of the chaotic scenery of the Vercors cliffs. And it is above all the emblem of the HexaTrek

The high plateaus are a haven of peace outside of time and the Archiane cirque a masterpiece of nature.

The most beautiful landscapes of the Vercors

An exceptional heritage classified as a Regional Natural Park since 1970, the Vercors is unlike any other territory: sublime nature, an exceptional wealth of relief and flora and fauna that make it a unique area.

During your trip on the hexatrek, do not miss the following places: 

High Plateaux Nature Reserve

Today, it is the largest land reserve in mainland France.

This wild area, located at the foot of the Grand Veymont, offers exceptional landscapes. It was classified as a Nature Reserve in 1985 to better protect this natural heritage.

The Mont Aiguille

A natural wonder remarkable for its shape, changing according to the point of view, sometimes needle and sometimes tooth. Also called Minsolite, it is the emblem of the Vercors. And we have also chosen it as the emblem of the HexaTrek!

Its sentinel-like appearance and its reputation as an inaccessible mountain have given Mont Aiguille its aura of mystery.

The Grand Veymont

The Grand Veymont, the highest point of the Vercors massif, offers a beautiful panorama over the Gresse Valley and the Vercors plateau.

The most spectacular viewpoint on the cliffs of the Vercors, the Grand Veymont often stands out like a barrier to the clouds, creating an ocean of white over the surroundings. 

The Pic Saint Michel

The Pic Saint-Michel offers magnificent panoramic views over the Vercors and a large part of the Alps. 

A sumptuous setting accessible from the hexatrek by an alternative path from the Col de l'Arc

Where to sleep in the Vercors Park, the list of unguarded refuges

there are many unguarded refuges, huts and shelters in the vercors regional park. 

You will find all the information on our mobile application, but we present you some of the best refuges below: 

Cabane de la jasse du play

Sublime hut with all the necessary equipment in a magical environment.

A stove is available for cold nights.

Cabane des clots

Located in a clearing, this hut dates back to 1875.

It was remarkably renovated from 2012 to 2016 by the association "les sentiers de Saint-Martin-d'Uriage".

Pré Peyret hut

A beautiful stone hut with a room with a stove and a small table. 

Quite spacious, about 10 places are available.

Cabane de Carette 

A hut located at the entrance to the Hauts-Plateaux reserve.

It has a wood stove, a large table, two benches and a sleeping area on the floor upstairs for 10-15 people.


Hexatrek - The French thru hiking trail

United States has the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand has the Te Araroa, it was time to give France a trail that would hike all the beauty and diversity of its landscapes! A team of true enthusiasts are launching the HexaTrek in 2022: 3,000 km of trails through the mountains!


Gas re-supply strategy on the hexatrek

Even if there are petrol or wood burning systems, the majority of hikers use gas stoves for their multi-day hikes. Estimating the amount of fuel needed for a long hike is not always easy and finding the right cartridge for your burner in France can sometimes be murderous!


Cerces Massif

Less well known than its closest neighbours, the Vanoise and the Ecrins, this massif is nevertheless one of the must-sees on the HexaTrek.
The Mont Thabor or the Lac des Cerces are simply sublime and offer an unforgettable experience of nature.


Mont-Blanc Massif

This region, even if it has never had a "Natural Park" label, is one of the most beautiful in France (according to the Savoyards). The Mont Blanc massif is a must-see, the Aiguille du Midi and the surrounding glaciers are a must-see.
Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval with its thousands of waterfalls is also on the route.


Ballon Vosges Regional Park

Also known as the High Vosges, this region is full of emblematic peaks such as the Honeck or the Grand Ballon. Lakes with crystal-clear waters, such as those of Lac Blanc or Schiessrothried, will guide you and villages with typical Alsatian colours, such as Riquewihr, will give you a warm welcome.


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HexaTrek Association represents a 3034 km trail, linking 14 of the most beautiful natural parks and crossing France from the German  to the Spanish border.

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