Walk With Us - HexaTrek First Edition

Updated: Sep 5

Join the first edition of HexaTrek

In 2022, from June 15 to October 20, from the Pyrenees to the Vosges, we invite you to come and hike a section of the first edition of the HexaTrek with us! We've selected 16 of the most beautiful sections of the Hexatrek to allow you to join this crazy adventure along the way. You will find on the map below an overview of the sections and our estimated checkpoint dates. See MAP in details

Organization, dates, and meeting points.

In addition to the full access to the mobile application including the trail and all essential points of interest to complete a section or thru-hike HexaTrek, we would like to allow those who wish to join us on the trail.

This adventure remains an adventure, and like all adventures, it will have its share of twists and turns and unforeseen events. Potential injuries, snow, bad weather, and material problems make it difficult to communicate the exact dates of our checkpoints in advance. HexaTrek can obviously be traveled in both directions, but to maximize our chances of not encountering snow in the Alps, we decided to hike NorthBound. As soon as the crowdfunding is over, we will contact you personally by phone to introduce ourselves, identify together which section of the HexaTrek you would like to explore, and answer any questions you may have about the organization of this walk.

If you plan to Thru-Hike Hexatrek, you can Email us at the following address: contact@hexatrek.com