Wild camping in France How to go on an adventure ?

Wild camp is one of the favorite activity for long distance hikers. Synonymous of freedom, no reservation to refuges, however, to take full advantage of this activity, a little knowledge of the rules of wild camp in France is essential.

Difference between bivouac and wild camping

Even if the bivouac is obviously a wild activity, there is a big legal difference with the practice called wild camping.

Bivouacs are authorized anywhere where it is not prohibited.

Wild Camping is prohibited anywhere where it is not prohibited!

Difficult to navigate right?

The bivouac is a temporary camp in an undeveloped place.

Usually practiced roaming, over several days, in the middle of nature and in a remote location.

The regulations specify that only one night in the same place is authorized, that the camp must be of minimum size and that this activity must be practiced from sunset to sunrise.