Vosges - Jura -Doubs | Etape 1 | Hexatrek


487 Kms
13,000m D +
2-5 weeks
2-5 weeks

Thru Hike in Vosges, Doubs, Jura, eastern region of France

The first stage takes its source in the small village of Wissembourg, on the border with Germany, on the banks of the Rhine.

To get there without a car, the easiest way is to take the train to the wonderful city of Strasbourg and then take the bus to Wissemberg.

Crossing the fabulous Parc Régional Des Vosges Du Nord will take you through the enchanted forests of this beautiful region.

Fleckenstein Castle, Lichtenberg Castle, Wasenbourg Castle, You will be surprised by its Old World wonders, hidden in the forests, away from tourists.

You will find many beautiful free refuges maintained by the Club Vosgiens and the nights in bivouac offer magnificent sunsets over the valleys.

The wildlife of this region is absolutely incredible and you will have a great chance to meet the iconic Elaph deer .
If luck continues to smile on you, you may even be one of the privileged few to spot the Lynx des Vosges.

A compulsory passage through the Cascade du Hohwald will serve as a transition before you gain height and reach the Regional Park of Ballon Des Vosges .

Each time we wake up, we love this tradition more and more that nature covers the lakes around the summit of Honeck with mist every morning.


Lac Schiessrothried, Lac Blanc, Lac de Longemer , to name but a few, are among the most beautiful in the region.

The path continues in the direction of the Grand Ballon , culminating at 1,424 meters, the highest peak in the Vosges mountains.
The strange architectural form which is at its top, will offer you a breathtaking view of your previous days of walking and those to come.

Take advantage of an escape into an unknown land, at our Swiss neighbor, to discover the magical landscapes of the Doubs Regional Park.

The Etang de la Gruère and Freiberge will welcome you to the Gorges du Doubs .

Let yourself be carried by the river to the Saut du Doubs , an impressive waterfall 27 meters high.
Still in the direction of the water, you will come face to face with the calm and majestic Lac des Brenets.

If you missed it in the Vosges, second chance here to see the lynx. The Creux du Van is a nature reserve where animals roam freely, chamois, deer, raptors, marmots and lynx have appropriated the places of this gigantic rocky cirque of more than a kilometer in diameter.

The last stop on this Swiss escape to the Aiguilles de Baulme s, as unknown as they are, those who have ventured there readily admit that they are one of the most beautiful places in the region.

Arrived with great fanfare on the legendary GTJ trail!
The Great Jura crossing (GR®509) crosses the Jura massif in its length, at the crossroads of the two emblematic routes that are the GR®5 and the GR®9

The waterfalls and rivers of crystal clear water, the morning mist, there is no doubt that we are in the heart of the
By storming the first meters of vertical drop, you will arrive at the top of Mont d'Or, much more than a cheese, a real treat for the eyes.

The long straight line from Lac de Joux to Lac des Rousses will leave you with unforgettable memories of this valley.


Last summit, but first in the list of hikers' favorites, that of La Dôle !

In addition to the exceptional belvedere on Lake Leman , which will mark the end of this stage, you will have a view without borders on the chain of the Alps , the largest massif in Europe, which will be your land of welcome if you continue in the direction of step 2

Lake Geneva
Les 10 Immanquables

10 Top-Rated Places

1. Chateau du fleckenstein
2. GTJ (Grande Traversée Jura)
3. Ballon des Vosges
4. Le Mont D'or
5. Vosges refuges
6. Haut-Jura Natural Park
7. Hohneck summit

8. Lake Schiessrothierd
9. Doubs
10. Lake Geneva